I like learning.

I think I exist in this world to learn.

This web site was created, developed and managed so I can showcase what I have produced from some of the (web development and programming) things I have learnt along the way.

Even this part of the web site is a direct result of learning something new recently! This web site was/is developed using yiiframework and Skeleton, 2 subjects that had piqued my interest for a long time before I finally decided it was time for me to figure them out.

GIDCompare exists because I had wanted to learn how to develop an Android app back in 2012. It was a fun endeavour, and I still use the app every time I go out to shop for groceries today, but I have no plans to develop it further.

4D by GIDApp is a collection of mini sites that exists here because I had wanted to learn to program a better web robot, learn to use jQuery Mobile, build my first site in HTML5, and even how to analyse data properly (and easily). This is still a work-in-progress.

Visit the official GIDApp blog for current news.

J de Silva